Thursday, November 11, 2010


  Bicol is famous for its magnificent tourist spots and breathtaking landforms like the Mayon volcano which is well-known for its almost symmetrically triangular shape. Bicol is also famous for its people. Bicolanos are characterized by their hospitality and courage, hence the term "oragon". Aside from these distinguishing traits, Bicol is also known for its native delicacies. It offers a wide variety of cuisine which covers every taste and gives satisfaction to the craving of the people.
Through the years, when people say Bicol, they think spicy. Though that may be true, they are missing something peculiarly Bicolano, aside from our liking for siling labuyo and gata (Bicol term for coconut milk), one dish that is peculiarly “oragon” is the KINALAS.
The research team thought that Naga City, like any other metro city has different famous food establishments. To name a few, we have KFC, Jollibee, McDonalds, Max’s, Pizza Hut and Greenwich, yet gastronomic NagueƱos have never forgotten kinalas behind other dishes.
This video blog features the secrets of a delectable soup dish “kinalas” and the best places to go for a bowl of the sumptuous dish.
Ultimately, this video blog aims to add a new identity to Naga and to Bicol as a whole and to find new and better ways for Kinalas to be appreciated not only by Bicolanos, but by Filipinos as well.

View the video below to have an insight about the topic.